À travers les années, SimWell a reçu des commentaires élogieux sur la qualité de son travail. Ci-bas une sélection de nos témoignages favoris.

Vous avez des compliments ou une anecdote sur votre expérience avec SimWell ? Envoyez-les à info@simwell.ca et nous l’ajouterons, de manière anonyme.


“Mon aventure ARENA a débuté depuis maintenant 1 an. 3 études sont déjà complétées. Je voulais prendre quelques minutes pour te remercier du support offert.”

Usager Arena du secteur des transports ayant reçu de SimWell de la formation, du coaching et de l’assistance technique.

“Thank you very much. We truly appreciate the assistance Simwell have been providing and this consideration without us even asking is additional evidence you guys are a good company to deal with.”

Client using SimWell’s consulting and support services

“Thanks André,

I really enjoyed the course and look forward to applying Anylogic on a project in the near future.”

New AnyLogic user attending SimWell training

“Thanks Andre! And thanks again for the training last week. It was really good and you provided a lot of great insights beyond simply how to use the tool.”

New AnyLogic user attending SimWell training

“I’m very happy with the model SimWell built for this project. it’s a lot nicer than what we would have built on our side, and I see a lot of potential for use down the line with the full integration in place”

Client using SimWell’s consulting services


“Thank you so much, you know the content by heart and deliver it in a fantastic way.”

New Arena user attending SimWell training


“I just wanted to say thank you for coming in to our location to teach us about Arena Simulation. I appreciated it and it will greatly help in any upcoming projects that I will complete.”

New Arena user attending SimWell training


“I’d just like to thank you again for taking the time to come to our location and provide an amazing workshop! All the attendees I’ve talked to have said they enjoyed the workshop and it was a great learning experience.”

New Arena user attending SimWell training


“Just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful course this weekend. Coming in I had my doubts about how much I can get out of a weekend course (or whether I can even stay awake), but I really enjoyed your instruction style, and I feel like I took a lot from this course. It has certainly increased my interest in simulation.”

New Arena user attending SimWell training


“I just wanted to tell you that your help is great – no wonder you won the Arena Partner of the year award! Congratulations!”

Arena user in the healthcare industry with license under maintenance benefiting from SimWell’s technical support services


“My project is over now. The simulations were a great success and put us one step ahead. I thank you for your time and support. I am looking forward to work with you again.”

Consultant after subcontracting the construction of his Arena model to SimWell


“I really liked the course. You have amazing insights in ARENA Programming constructs, and you managed to show me very creative and different ways to lay out the logic to solve business problems. Moreover, the course went well beyond programming in ARENA and delved in to how ARENA can be applied in different business/industry verticals which was completely paradigm shifting for me. The innovative ways in which ARENA can be used beyond process mapping really sells it as a handy tool to solve many problems of probabilistic nature and has shown me creative ways in which I can use my ARENA programming skills to solve various business problems.

Arena User in the Healthcare industry attending SimWell’s advanced training


“Thanks to both of you for making our client happy.”

Consultant in oil & gas industry subcontracting his Arena model to SimWell


“Where did you find that guy? He’s good!”

Client using SimWell’s consulting services


“Thanks very much for this and for all of your support throughout the year. Our group is very pleased with your excellent service.”

Simulation group manager, Engineering firm


merci! encore pour le training – c’était vraiment intéressant et pratique!

Usager AnyLogic du secteur des services ayant suivi un cours avec SimWell.

“I just wanted to let you know that I’m almost done running a full iteration of 50 repetition of the model tonight and I am able to run it in just a bit over an hour. A HUGE improvement compared to the previous three hours.
Thank you again Andre for all your help these last two weeks and for prioritizing this work and always being so responsive. It has been greatly appreciated and I hope we can work together again in the near future!

Victoria Ng, PhD Epidemiology

“Thank you André! Again, I really enjoyed the course and think you were an excellent instructor! This has given me the understanding of the fundamentals, as well as real-world context so I can build the right solutions for my job. The SimWell team was friendly and very welcoming when it came to answering our questions.”

New AnyLogic user attending SimWell training


Wow! The trick you gave me cut by two, maybe even three, the simulation runtime of my model. Its it much more pleasant when the model runs fast

Arena user in the transport industry using SimWell’s technical support included in his maintenance contract


“Consultant asking about an Arena feature: That is great! We should have asked sooner!

Experienced Arena Consultant and long-time SimWell customer


“It was a great pleasure for me to attend your simulation workshop. Last weekend was a great learning experience for me and I cannot wait to improve my simulation skills. Thank you for your time.”

New Arena user attending SimWell training


“As a new Arena user, I had the chance to sit down with Alexandre from SimWell for two days of coaching. This enabled me to quickly go through training modules and understand the concepts of building simulations using Arena. Alexandre is very professional and knowledgeable, well structured, well prepared and had a lot of examples to show me which I can apply to my work environment. The one on one coaching was best for me as I was the one setting the pace and Alexandre was flexible enough to accommodate. I recommend this kind of coaching to anyone who needs a kick start in arena, or if you need another set of eyes to look at your models.”

Arena user in the mining industry


“At this point we are wrapping up the project. As far as the model side it is perfect and you guys did a great job. I plan on perhaps writing up an article on the simulation model part and getting that published in a journal.”

Federal government manager using SimWell’s consulting services


“In addition to training us in how to use Arena, you helped us think of our process in ways that Arena could model and have provided great service and advice since our training days.”

New Arena user working in an engineering firm


“Thank you again for your coaching last week. We had a very productive session – moving along not only my model development but also teaching me new skills and doing it in a fun (yet very intensive!) way. I appreciate what you have done and will tell others here about my experience.”

Federal government Arena user after a coaching session


This is excellent! Thanks very much for your help.”

Arena User after using SimWell’s technical support, mining industry


“Thanks again for the training. It was very useful and I have provided my boss with lots of positive feedback. Thanks again and good luck with the new arrival (I mean your soon-to-be-born child, not a parameter of a Create module in Arena….!)”

New Arena user attending SimWell training


“Thanks for this, and for making it a good outcome. I really appreciate the way you have managed time. Many thanks for the assistance and I look forward to the chance to work with you again some day.”

Consultant in oil & gas industry subcontracting his Arena model to SimWell


“I was able to accurately model the system, it was validated and approved. I then used the results to re-design the process and modeled a future that helped our client make some decisions for their facility layout. (…) Thank you and your partner for your help, their original operations were much more complicated to model than anything I had done before so I’m very grateful for your expertise.

Consultant in operations management who has been supported and coached by SimWell