MassMotion Pedestrian Simulation

What is  ?

We’ve all been in this situation: you are sitting in at a movie theater and are asked to notice emergency exits. You wonder: “Gee, I hope we can all make it out in time if something goes wrong”. Truth is, if the building’s conception went through a MassMotion simulation, chances are you can. It is a pedestrian modeling software and is used to analyze the movement of persons through spaces.

When do you need to simulate pedestrian flow?

A classic use of pedestrian flow simulation is when conceiving buildings and evaluating emergency evacuation scenarios. Want to evaluate the impact of adding an additional exit per section to your football stadium concept? Simply add it in the software and simulate an evacuation at 25,50, 100% occupancy!


Pedestrians moving through a commercial complex

 Image courtesy of MassMotion

Another use could be when conceiving an airport terminal; how large do you need to make the corridors to ensure an optimal flow of travelers? Where are the potential bottleneck areas of your design? Moreover, how long do you need to build the curbside to avoid congestion? Again, these scenarios can be quickly modeled and tested within the MassMotion software.

What are the advantages of MassMotion?

  • No limit on population size. There is no software limitation for the total number of individuals in each simulation; the PC’s performance is the only limit!
  • Real-time 3D graphics. No need to invest in an animation software package; you can follow the entities traveling through your structure in real-time and in 3D. In addition to the visual renders, the model provides insightful information on the design’s performance and bottlenecks.
  • Compatible with wide range of file formats. MassMotion is compatible with most popular CAD file formats: Sketchup,2D AutoCAD, DGN, DXF and BIM formats are all supported. Simply import your building model, define the agents’ (pedestrians) destinations and simulate!
  • 3D Modeling tools built in. Don’t have a CAD model of your structure? No need to invest in additional software; MassMotion contains all the 3D modeling tools required to build your floorplan or layout without importing it first!
  • Realistic entity behavior. The algorithms regulating the entities in MassMotion were developed following the analysis of decades worth of studies on pedestrian behavior. In fact, when compared to other software in an evacuation scenario, MassMotion was found to be the most representative of actual behaviors.

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