Microsoft Excel – Advanced Training

Microsoft Excel – Advanced Training

Many people in your organization use Excel on a regular basis and yet could become much more efficient by taking the time to get some training.

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Learn about all the tools and functionalities you need. Try many of our tips and tricks to make your documents better and faster.

From basic use to advanced spreadsheet design, the SimWell experts give hands-on Excel training to groups of users from all kinds of organizations. Your class will be tailored to fit your specific needs. In class, we will build examples together, using your own data and documents, if you wish.

Here is a sample list of topics which may be covered:

  • Spreadsheet editing
    • Data Input
    • Copying, paste special
    • Autofill
    • Data validation
  • Formatting
    • Static
    • Conditional
  • Spreadsheet organization
    • Ranges
    • Tables
    • Security / Locking
  • Formulas
    • Simple
    • Complex
    • Array formulas
  • Charts
    • Data preparation
    • Chart types
    • Formatting
  • Analysis
    • Advanced sorting, filtering, grouping
    • Summarize data: Pivot tables
    • Forecasting
    • What is analysis
    • Solver
  • Automation
    • Macros
    • VBA