Data Visualization

Data Preparation and Visualization using Tableau Software

You need to provide insight to decision makers in your business, by analyzing the data gathered from your company’s operations. However, you don’t know where to start. Tableau is the tool you need and SimWell will help you make the most out of it!

  • SimWell provides training and coaching to jump-start your analytics with Tableau. You will learn to:
    • Find your way in the Tableau Desktop environment
    • Import data sets from different sources
    • Visualize data in easy-to-read graphs and charts
    • Create dynamic meaningful dashboards
  • SimWell can also create the Tableau documents you need:
    • Prepare your data for you
    • Import it in Tableau
    • Organize it to make it useful
    • Display it in a way that will please you and your boss

Are you facing one or more of the situations below?

  • Your spreadsheet software is not quite good enough
    • You can create nice charts with Excel, but it is highly time-consuming
    • You have built a smart workbook with many tables and functions and it is becoming slow and buggy
    • The data in your big working document comes from various locations and it very hard to update it with some recent data

Tableau is the solution. Once a Tableau workbook is completed, updating the different data sources is done in a matter of seconds.


  • Your data comes from multiple sources and needs to be consolidated
    • Several individual Spreadsheets
    • More than one database
    • Cloud

Tableau can connect to almost all data sources, combine them in a useful data set and store a “snapshot” of the data at any point in time for analysis and comparison.


  • Your data’s format is inconsistent
    • Same thing is listed under different names : NY, New York, N.Y.
    • Product numbers have changed over time
    • Some customers have different locations and they need to be combined

Fix these issues with functions and rules in Tableau. Once done, the original data can be re-imported at any time and will stay in the desired format.