Arena Simulation Software

Why choose Arena?

You’ve determined that discrete event simulation was the right tool to guide you in a business decision. Now, why chose Arena? Here are some reasons why:

Industry Leader. Arena is by far the most widely used discrete event simulation software out there, largely outrunning competitors with more than 350 000 clients worldwide.

Flexible. With Arena, a wide gamut of operations can be simulated which go above and beyond manufacturing operations. Services, transportation networks and even supply chain activities can be modeled with the software – if you can imagine it, it can be simulated with Arena!

Interface with Office™. Arena uses the OLE technology to communicate directly with the Excel and Access applications. It is thus possible to develop user-friendly interfaces to execute various scenarios. Also, compatibility with the VBA programing language allows for automation of scenarios and reporting through any Microsoft Office application!


Intuitive. Programing in Arena is as simple as dragging and dropping blocs in the interface and connecting them. Gone with the programs containing thousands of lines of code – Arena’s user interface is second nature to anyone familiar with process flowcharts!

Support. The Simwell team is committed to its customers’ satisfaction. With coaching, audit and debugging services, you’ll have all the tools available to make sure your simulation model is problems-free!