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AnyLogistix Supply Chain Optimization and Simulation Software

To maintain supply chain performance, it is essential to revise the supply chain periodically. For instance, the addition of a new supplier or a new customer in the chain can often have unexpected consequences on the overall performance.

AnyLogistix is a software specialized in the combination of optimization and simulation for the supply chain specifically designed to assess current and future performance.

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Anylogistix Supply Chain Software

Integrate both analytical and dynamic simulation methods

    anyLogistix™ optimization is powered by the CPLEX optimizer from IBM

    Simulation is powered by AnyLogic, the leading simulation software


Modeling “Inside the 4 walls”

    Model beyond the network level with detailed distribution center simulation

    Drive deeper into your analysis to uncover Supply Chain insights


    Incorporate ALL desired logic in your Supply Chain by extending standard ALX functionality

Measuring your Supply Chain

    Capture Supply Chain performance with precise detail


    Observe how the Supply Chain operates

    Validate the model

    Effectively communicate logic & results

With the Greenfield analysis, AnyLogistix determines the optimal number of distribution centers and their suitable location by incorporating the customers and suppliers location. AnyLogistix also defines the optimal network of each iteration. Finally, the simulation tests the results robustness for the optimized scenario.

What can AnyLogistix do?

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Network Design and Optimization

Supply Chain Risk Assessment

Transportation Planning

Inventory Optimization

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Inside Four Walls Facility Analysis

Supply Chain Simulation

Sourcing Optimization

Supply Chain Digital Twins

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Cash to Serve & Cost to Serve

Supply Chain Master Planning

Production Capacity Planning

Bullwhip Effect Quantification

  • Network Design and Optimization : AnyLogistix determines the optimal network of each iteration by precising which distribution center will deliver the order to which customer.
  • Supply Chain Digital Twins : incorporate all business processes, logistic processes and operational processes. Furthermore, you can create a virtual world of your supply chain.
  • Cash to Serve & Cost to Serve  close follow-up of your cash flow, lease, interest, account payable, account receivable, revenue, etc. You can also change some parameters and analyze the monetary impact.
  • Supply Chain Risk Assessment : add many events that can become risks in the supply chain. For example, you can add the rain season in a country and analyze the supply chain during these periods.
  • Supply Chain Master Planning : coordinate each site’s production and inventory in order to establish the supply chain master planning.
  • Sourcing Optimization : optimize the production of each supplier in order to meet the variabilities of the customers’ requests.
  • Transportation Planning  plan the detailed routes between suppliers, facilities and clients.
  • Inside Four Walls Facility Analysis : analyze the equipment’s operations, the material handling and the movement of the products in a distribution center. You can analyze everything that occurs in a distribution center.
  • Production Capacity Planning allow to change a parameter or customers’ requests and analyze the impact on the supply chain. Therefore, you can do a production capacity planning of each distribution center.
  • Inventory Optimization : estimate the security stock of each distribution center and the production inventory required to meet the service level.
  • Supply Chain Simulation : simulate the whole supply chain and distribution centers operations.  Can also be integrated with AnyLogic for integration of complex manufacturing operations.
  • Bullwhip Effect Quantification : quantify the demands variability impact by starting from the last link of the supply chain and ending at the supplier. 


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