AnyLogic Simulation Software


AnyLogic Simulation Software

SimWell has an exclusive distribution partnership for Canada with simulation software developer AnyLogic.


AnyLogic is the only simulation software which includes and combine the three best modern approaches in business simulation:

ü   Agent-based Modeling is applicable for all types of industries as the model can consider the interactions between people, products, vehicles, etc.

ü System Dynamics Modeling allows to model complex systems. For example, it is possible to simulate marketing options for a new product commercialization campaign.

ü  Discrete Event Modeling can be used for all types of industries, and is especially useful in the manufacturing industry. For example, a business can simulate the product’s movements in a production line or any other process of the production system.

To visualize your business processes in the virtual world, a model animation can be done in 2D or 3D. The 3D animation gives a clearer and more realistic view of a system, such as a manufacturing site.

This software is known for its user-friendly interface for the Agent-based modeling.

AnyLogic also includes a database of city maps down to the smallest details such as the incorporation of bus stops and more.

AnyLogic is related to the software AnyLogistix. Therefore, Anylogic can simulate everything that occurs in a distribution center and determine how the center performance affects the overall supply chain.

AnyLogic can be used to simulate many systems such as:

ü  The facilities of a supply chain.

ü  The production line including the detailed layout of a plant.

ü  Service industries like banks.

ü  The oil industries, from processing to pipeline operations.

ü  Road transport.

With AnyLogic, you can measure and track many performance indicators and thus, analyze the performance of your process and future projects.


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The following videos show the principal functionalities of AnyLogic : 


For more details on the software specifications, do not hesitate to contact us or visit Anylogic’s website.