About SimWell

SimWell is an Industrial Engineering firm specialized in simulation and optimization.

SimWell is a Premier Partner for the Arena Simulation Software, providing services worldwide.

  • SimWell is one of the best firms worldwide with the Arena Simulation Software
  • Our expertise is used by Rockwell Automation to help improve Arena
  • Our articles and videos are often featured in the Arena Newsletter
  • SimWell’s President teaches simulation in 3 universities in Montreal
  • His students won the International Simulation Competition in the last three years
  • SimWell’s crew have built Arena models almost every day for the past 10 years.

SimWell recognizes that its customers are better suited for understanding and analyzing their own processes. SimWell sees its role as translating customer requirements into flexible and powerful simulation & optimization tools that support the optimization of business processes and decision making.

Contact us to discuss your projects:

  • By phone: 438-888-7871
  • By email: arena@simwell.ca
  • Through our contact us page
  • Through the chat tool on the bottom right of the page. Even if we are offline, your message will reach us and we will respond a soon as we can.

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